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Saturday, September 3, 2011

PHEW!! Finally August is over.  The last two months have been straight out and insanely busy.  I have never wished for summer to be over.  And, I must say, now that September is here I am fully enjoying having an entire long weekend with the Mrs. lounging, taking the pups to the park and relaxing.  

This summer has been busy as a whole, but what's been taking up the biggest chunk of time was a large sewing order for my friend Sarah.  

My fantastic friends Sarah and Mike got married last weekend. (The Mrs. did a reading during the ceremony and looked pretty darn cute if you ask me :) 

 So wanted to have some handmade A Retro Remedy items made for the gift baskets for the wedding party.   As gifts for her brides maids, the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom I we decided I'd make embroidered tea towels.  (9 of them - each different)

And for the two flower girls I made embroidered flannel blankets. 

I was told that the youngest of the two flower girls had a pirate themed bedroom and LOVED the color pink.  So Sarah and I decided to make a blanket of polka dot flannel (grey with pink polka dots on the backside and white with pink polka dots on the front) with a bright pink skull and crossbones sewn on  (and of course my A Retro Remedy logo sewn onto the back corner). 

And for the older flower girl was a blanket that may be my favorite blanket so far.  (Though it's a close tie with the rocket ship blanket my made last winter). 

I was told this flower girls loved fairy tales, dragons, and purple.  So what did that become?   The front of her blanket has a background of blue flannel with small white polka dots and had a large purple flannel dragon flying by a fairy tale castle floating on a cloud. 

While it took a lot of time, I couldn't be happier with how the order turned out.  
And as a bonus I was there when Sarah gave everyone their gifts and they all loved them (even before they knew I made them).  I even got a hug from the flower girl who received the dragon blanket and got to see her run around wrapped up in it for the rest of the evening. 

And before I go I'll wish congratulations again to Sarah and Mike. 

 I hope you both all the happiness The Mrs and I have.  

Now - on to more projects!! 

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