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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

News and Napkins

A Retro Remedy was featured on another blog!  How exciting!  It's a first for me , so of course I'm gonna share the link and give lots of thanks to Fore Front Fashion for including me in their round up of Portland talent.  (I always love a little publicity) 

There were some other beautiful pieces listed in their slide show as well - I always new Portland was full of talent!

I've also been busy busy busy this week - I am a sewing machine!  Since within the first few days of my vacation from my day job I found out that I was accepted into the MECA Holiday Sale (see this post for info) I've been using my days (and evenings and sometimes nights) to finish up my stack of almost finished products and crank out some new inventory for the sale.  So far I've been super productive. 

In the works now are stacks of embroidered  dinner napkins and cocktail napkins.

This set  of dinner napkins uses one of my favorite decorative images - inspired by vintage tattoos - a blue bird.  They're embroidered with simple line work in a very pretty multi-shade blue floss.

The next set is definitely more summer appropriate than year round - but hey, who doesn't love a picnic!

Made of some fantastic woven red gingham fabric that I bought as a small amount of  remnants - each napkin has 4 black picnic ants climbing across the bottom and up the side.   

The third set (and the last I have pictures of for now) are retro party perfect!  I kinda want to make a set for myself - or maybe holiday gifts...hhmmm....

Fun patterned cotton material - the pattern reminds me of olives, which then just seem perfect for drink themed cocktail napkin - embroidered with ice cube filled tumblers and a green atomic swizzle stick.  

With this set I'm also trying out a different way to finish off the edges - with a much wider hem - and a no-folding-necessary, handheld size and style.  I'm taking pictures as I go and will post about the process later.  If it works out I plan on a bunch more sets in this cocktail size.  

Well there's plenty more to come  so I best get back to it.  

Til next time!