not quite what your grandma used to make...

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Retro Remedy Is Now on Etsy!!

It's finally up and running!  A Retro Remedy on Etsy!  I've spent the day taking photos and uploading items. 

  So far I've started loading into my Wearable Accessories category - including beaded broaches and Button Broaches made from up-cycled vintage buttons. 


They'll be much more to come! I'll keep you all updated - but for now 
check out the Shop!

Monday, August 30, 2010

what happened to August?

Holy cow!  It's August 30th already!  Where did the entire month go?

I guess it passed by while I was at a couple of weddings...
(my adorable friends at their ceremony on the beach)

(My darlin' Megs looking awfully nice in a kilt)

...the ongoing battle with Kinsey's (our other dog) seasonal allergies...

(tube socks = a fantastic anti-itching device)

...a couple of art festivals, and finally a relaxing (and much needed) weekend away at a camp on Peabody Pond.  

Even the pups relaxed and enjoyed the sun. 

Of course it wasn't all sunbathing, swimming, and friends - I handed out new business cards, did some self-promoting, and brought projects to work on at camp.  There are many more pics waiting to be edited, so for now - sneak peeks:

I also got a chance to not only buy a book I'd been wanting, The Handmade Marketplace, but also got to meet the author, Kari Chapin,  and chat a bit  at Picnic - a local arts, crafts, and music festival. 

 It was a quick read and incredibly helpful for starting up your own handmade business.  Her information on legalities and forms and her advice on marketing and promoting included things I would have never thought of myself.  Not only does Kari offer up her own advice and experiences in selling your handmade goods, but also advice from fellow artisans, bloggers and even a accountant.  It's definitely a resource I'll be going back to again and again.  

Well I've got plenty more to get done on this really beautiful (and really distracting) sunny day.  Until next time - enjoy the weather!