not quite what your grandma used to make...

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hours of embroidery.

I've been working pretty steady lately, but at some slow going embroidery projects.

The first one is a set of place mats that are actually for my own kitchen - so of course I picked an embroidery design that will probably take me years to finish. I bought some adorable retro inspired fabric at my mother in law's shop - a floral design with little line drawings of birds. And fir the back I picked a contrasting print in the same colors - a wild and bold stripe.

 The embroidery comes in as texture mostly - giving the place mats a really handmade feeling. Using thread of the same brown shade as the illustrative line work in the print, I'm following the lines with a simple running stitch. While a slow going process (especially since I work on them in between sellable projects) I am really happy with how they're turning out.

The second embroidery project I've got going is a table topper. Using a piece of sample fabric I was given I'm also using the same running stitch line tracing technique. The fabric is beautiful - Robbins egg blue, soft grey, bits of navy, and pops of lime green. As the backing n edging I'm using a plain navy blue.

Luckily this project is much faster moving (which helps keep my prices affordable when I go to sell things).

Well back to the needle work and a relaxing Sunday evening.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Is back! And so happy the holidays are over.

So it's been a while (almost 2 months I think) since my last post.  And boy do I have a lot to catch up on. 

So I spent all of November getting ready for the Maine College of Art Holiday Sale that I previously mentioned.   The sale went great!  And ended up well worth the work.   Big sellers were the Antique Button Broaches and the Embroidered Cocktail Napkins.  

Then there were the holidays.  Did they seem extra fast and crammed together to anyone else this year?

We did Thanksgiving with my family this year.  Then my family did Christmas early (the weekend of December 11th)  while my sister, brother-in-law, and adorable niece were visiting.  Then I squeezed in a Christmas celebration with the in-laws in between working (it was my year to work Christmas Eve and Christmas).  Crammed in was also poor Megs trying to study and finish this semester's finals.
When her two weeks break finally came around we were both SO ready for relaxation and time together.  

Oh!  And I can't forget New Years Eve!  

Megs and I got all fancied up (along with our fabulous friend Tiffanie) and headed out to a fantastic night at Space Gallery here in Portland for their event Icing.  There were multiple performances including the local Burlesque Troupe The Dirty Dishes

the sounds of Lady Zen

and hey is that the band from my wedding reception?!  IT IS! 

 Over A Card Board Sea performed bigger than ever. 

And the best part?  My new vintage hat had it's first night out (thanks again Greg and Jo ;) 

So now,  a new month - A NEW YEAR! and time to get back to work.  First on the list is photographs and listing all the remaining and new items in the Etsy shop.  

I hope everyone out there had a great November, December and Holiday season.  Here's a preview of items soon to be listed.