not quite what your grandma used to make...

Monday, September 13, 2010

A Retro Remedy has new items on Etsy!

That's right folks, I've been a busy little crafter lately and (as a result) have new items on Etsy!

The new items are hair clips.  Fun floral pops of color. 

And - being made by me - they are all hand made, hand sewn, and one of a kind!  

(I also want to add many many thank yous to my beautiful friend Tiffanie -and her fantastic hair -  for modeling the flowers for me! )

So go ahead - check them out!  Maybe there's one perfect for you?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Anchors and Gingham, Oh my!

'Afternoon Readers!  Just a quick post today, then back to finishing off some projects.   I just wanted to share my newly listed (and newly finished) set of Blue Gingham Embroidered Anchor Dinner Napkins.

Made out of some fantastic (and perfectly sized) fabric remnants I found and grabbed up a few months back, they're hand embroidered with anchors.

  Maybe it's growing up on the ocean, maybe it's having sailors in the family,  maybe it's my love for classic anchor tattoos?  But I love these so much I almost hate to put them up for sale.  (almost).  They don't quite match my kitchen though. 

 Will they match yours?

Enjoy you afternoon!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Picnic in Portland

       So as I mentioned previously, last Saturday was the PICNIC Art and Music Festival here in Portland.  This is Picnic's third summer festival (and this winter will be their second holiday sale).  I took part in last years sale, but took this year off due to focus on my blogging, promoting, and mastering this whole internet thing.  

I made sure to get up on time on Saturday and dragged my fantastic Megs out of the house with a promise of good coffee and a breakfast sandwich so that I could be one of the fist 25 shoppers there.  Why? To receive on of the free goodie bags full of coupon and some free gifts! 

 While I waited in line for a bag Megs got quickly distracted by the bikes for sale.

Organized by the fantstic women that run Ferdinand and PineCone and Chickadee, there was row after row of great artists and their booths.  The amazing weather this year definitely helped - I was there early and it was already getting packed! 

There were so many great handmade goodies - I left with a lot of inspiration and one splurge.  What did I get?

A new bike!  Just a cute old beater 3-speed to tool around one.  There's a few more months of bike riding weather left, right? 

Enjoy your week!