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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Playing catch-up

With all the beautiful sunshine the last few days it seems strange to try to post pictures with snow on the ground, but it was really only about two months ago and I am  rather behind with my blogging - so I've got a bit of catching up to do.  

This past February Megs and I finally used the weekend getaway gift we received from our truly fantastic friends back when we got hitched.  So we hopped the ferry here in Portland and rode over to Peaks Island - staying at the Inn On Peaks Island.  

 Being that it was still winter and snow covered there wasn't exactly a lot going on on the island - but a weekend of quiet relaxation is really what we both were in need on. 

And relaxing wasn't exactly hard to do cozy in front of the fire in our HUGE room.  (I'm pretty sure the room was bigger than my apartment! )

Part of my relaxation was to get a commission done while I had time and no distractions.  A friend of mine just welcomed to the world her first nephew.  So she wanted a toddler pillow and blanket made for the little guy - involving the color red and robots.  

And the result:

A blue fleece blanket with a bright red rocket ship (piloted by an adorable little robot) soaring through the stars! And a matching red flannel pillow with the robot embroidered on.  

All the pieces added to the fleece blanket are supper soft flannel - all sewn on with a  running stitch used as decorative line work. 

And rather than sewing in one my my ribbon labels, I opted for a softer version for the kiddo  - 
and embroidered flannel heart. 

In other news, the Etsy shop is pretty barren right now while I figure out a glitch in my paypal account in the receiving payment section.  But there is a stock pile of hand made fabulousness waiting to be listed!  As well as another good size order of toddler pillows and tea towels to come.  So I suppose I should get back to it.  

Have a great week!