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Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Retro Remedy at the MECA Holiday Sale!

That's right kids!  I got accepted into the MECA (Maine College of Art) Holiday Sale!  It's been a couple years since I did the sale, but it's, by far, my favorite art n craft sale of the winter.  

Good thing I took a vacation this week from the day job - time to buckle down and build up a bigger inventory for the sale.  I have a few sets of embroidered napkins just waiting to be finished off around the edges, a couple more toddle pillows to photograph, and a stack of fabric cut to make some wintery snowflake cocktail napkins.  I also have a bunch more bluebirds cut and ready to sew and stuff and I have some fabric octopi in the works. 
  But that won't cut it for a sale - time for a supply run.  I think I'll make some more hight charts, a bunch more napkins, maybe some table runners and maybe some rag dolls.  

More posts to come as I finish up projects!  

 Have a great weekend!
  And keep the sale in mind if you happen to be near Portland in December.  It's  a fantastic sale featuring 65 local artists - many of them students and alumni of MECA. 

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