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Friday, October 8, 2010

Toddler Pillows

After trial of the first Toddler pillow that i made (see post here),  I decided to keep going and make a more - with the only real adjustment being adding a bit more filling to make it a little firmer and prevent clumping after it's been washed a few times.  

Attempting to keep myself from following the whims of my scattered mind, I kept the images on the pillows in line with the few vintage inspired children's decor themes I've been working in.  

The fantastically fuzzy squid is part of my oceanic, 'Anchors Away' (20,000 Leagues Under the Sea-inspired) line.  (A pillow with fuzzy octopus tentacles is in the works - as well as some painting inspired by the book itself. )

For the green edging I used the same technique of hand sewing crocheted chains of baby-soft yarn on to a fun printed fabric.  

For the blue body itself, the fuzzy yarn I used was thick and double woven so I simply sewed over and through it for a secure attachment.  

I backed this pillow with the soft sea-glass blue micro suede - great for kids where it's durable, soft, and easy to clean.

I also finally made some 'A Retro Remedy' fabric tags to sew into the items I make - so instead of sewing on my logo  I switched it up and kept the oceanic theme going with a cute little starfish on the back corner.  

A fuzzy success if I do say so myself ;)

Also with the 'Anchors Away' line is this Anchor  Pillow. 

 The fabric is a wonderfully soft and fun polka dot flannel that I got in a cluster of 5 shades odd length end cuts (but the lengths were just about perfect for what I needed :) - don't you just love when that happens!  

Here's the tags that labels that I made.  At some point I'd like to order some really nice woven tags for my pieces, but my profits are definitely not there yet.  

So these I made from a satiny white ribbon with this great red print that reminds me of the midcentury atomic prints.   I found a great font and printed on some iron on transfer paper and most of them came out pretty good (there were definitely a few mess ups in the first trial). 

 The next pillow uses the same image as the very first trial pillow that I made for my little niece - the bright red poppies. 

I haven't quite decided what to call this line.  It's inspired by the vast poppy fields in the film version of 'The Wizard of OZ', but going with the section of my shop is also cuddly stuffed Blue Birds (a blog post of follow on those) and I'm planning some storybook illustrations to go with in.  

I would love some suggestions on a name for the line - maybe I'll do a giveaway item for the suggestion that I pick?  

I made the back panel for this pillow before I thought of making the fabric labels so it still has the embroidered logo.  

For this pillow I used two more of the pieces of  polka dot flannel and the edging is a green patterned cotton that was hanging out in my scrap bag.  

All in all I think the the lines are coming along. And there are constantly more pieces in the works.  

I also applied to this winter's MECA Holiday Sale at my own alma mater, the Maine College of Art.  I'll find out on the 29th if I'm in - and if so it means a whole lot more time spent making my objects - I'll need a much bigger inventory for the two day show.  

Keep your fingers crossed for me!  And have a great weekend!

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