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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Project Completed: Toddler Pillow

It has been a busy week in a lot of ways, but I've still managed to spend at least a few hours a day to work on my art projects. This week's primary project was a toddler pillow inspired by a recent visit with my adorable year old niece, Sophie. Having not made one before, I decided to make a test pillow for the kiddo to try out - purple micro suede with green trim to match her room with embroidered red poppies.

To keep the pillow baby-soft, I decided to crochet soft yarn into chains and sew them on
rather than do traditional embroidery and I love how the effect turned out!

Once the poppies were done I used the same crocheted chains to put my signature on the back
corner, sewed the whole thing together and stuffed it with hypo-allegernic filler.

So the first blogged project is finished! Yay! Now to send it off to little Sophie for some proper testing. After I get some feedback from my sister, i'll make some more to put on my Etsy shop.

That is also what I've been up to this week: an Etsy shop to sell my wares. If you haven' heard of it, Etsy is a pretty fantastic online venue where my fellow artisans sell their amazing handmade creations in an easy to navigate, well organized shop. Check it out by clinking the link. As of now there is nothing on my shop page, but that will hopefully be remedied by the weekend.
For now, back to day job for a few days then another productive art project weekend. Next up, I owe the apartment a few new throw pillows.

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