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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A little very needed relaxation.

Sunday sure was a beautiful day and I was lucky enough to spend it out of the house with the lady and the pups in New Hampshire. 

We started off with the intention of hiking, but about a half mile in the muggy heat and oncoming thunder cut it short.

    So we had a little picnic lunch, cooled off in an ice cold stream, wandered around beautiful North Conway, then had dinner at Horsefeathers (home of an amazing Asparagus Crab Bisque,  Mmmmmm!!).  It was exactly the escape from the day-to-day that I needed.  But now, weekend over, it's back to work. 
So I've spent the last two days finishing up the throw pillows and now they're just about done.  I hate to complain about sunshine and heat, but I must say, I definitely move slower in these temperatures.  But progress was made and the pillows are just about complete. 

They're already getting plenty of use too.  Looks like someone thinks they're pretty comfortable.  

I also set up a facebook page for A Retro Remedy today - hopefully another way of getting my work out there.  So far having a blog and my images on flicker, easily accessible and shareable have proven helpful;  I may have a mural commission in the works for a child's bedroom thanks to image sharing and word of mouth.  Hopefully things keep spreading (fingers crossed)!  

Well I should get back to work, these pillows won't finish sewing themselves!

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