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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A break from fabric.

Between projects I decided my finished good could use some organizing.  Left over from last falls craft fairs I had a box of finished cards and gift tags - none photographed (as that is my constant downfall) or organized in anyway.

The cards are all made of found imagery, collaged paper remnants, and (one of my FAVORITE materials) wallpaper samples.

Tossed aside wallpaper samples are also my most used materials - especially the vintage remakes.  The textures are much more of the appeal, I think, though the patterns are hard to beat.  


The outfits of the ladies in this Burly-Q painting are also all wallpaper.  

I think that the tactile nature of these patterned and textured papers work well on the cards - as something handheld (briefly) cherished.  

The problem now becomes that because I used found images and paper samples, they are one of a kind and once they're sold and gone - I have a hard time giving them up.  But selling them is the point - especially since I never give cards.  So my pictures of them will just have to do.  Or maybe I'll hold on to one or two...

These aren't all!  There's more on Flickr!

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