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Saturday, June 19, 2010

My little companion

Since I finished my BFA in May and I'm back to my 3 day work week, I've LOVED the extra time to be working on my art projects. But all that time tucked away working hard could get a little lonely. Lucky for me my little studio companion is never far from my side.

(Puella - the perfect studio dog)

My partner and I have two dogs, Puella and Kinsey, but Puella is my personal sidekick. She's a velcro dog never more than an arms length away. She's lazy, quiet, and completely content to keep me company for hours on end.
This week I've been working on the aforementioned throw pillows. Puella of course was as close as possible.

The throw pillows are coming along well, and will hopefully be finished on Monday. Most of the fabrics came from my Mother-in-Law's pretty fantastic fabric/ quilt shop, Cotton Weeds in Freeport, Maine. (Click the link to check out the shop site!)

The pillows will be pretty simple as far as pillows go, but I think the patterns make up for a simple design.

Tomorrow I'm taking a creative break and hiking in the White Mountains with The Mrs. so I'll be back at the sewing machine (and the blogging) on Monday. And, of course, Puella will be right by my side.

Have a terrific weekend!

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  1. love the picture of the dog between your feet!!! And I also love the cards!!!