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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Invasion of the Babies!

Lately it seems almost all my projects (commissions especially) are for incoming babies.  i guess it's the age - the last few years it's weddings weddings weddings and now onto the babies!  Thank goodness nursery decor is fun to make. I mean when else do u get to put rockets and robots and baby birds on everything? :)

This week I finished that fun pink blanket to add to the shop and finished a present for my friends baby shower.  I wanted to make them something built to last - decor meets keepsake.  And, of course, I wanted it to be cute and a little retro.  

So I made some adorable wooden alphabet blocks.  

For so many of the kiddos I know, the decor of their room and their favorite color changes as often as the wind blows.  So in wanted to make something that will last the test of time I didn't go with the exact nursery colors now.  

I found this fabulous little pack of scrap book paper (70% recycled paper - bonus!!) patterned with little critters and wall-paper-like patterns (and I'm sure I've mentioned my obsession love for wallpaper)  in pale blues, warm reds, creams, faded browns, and greens.

For this set I also used pre-cut felt letters, but for future sets I think I'm going to print and cut my own from a thicker paper instead - it was hard to find letters in the color and font I really wanted.  

To finish them off I sanded the edges to soft rounded corners and sanded the edges of the paper for a look of age and wear.  Then the whole things was sealed with my favorite non-toxic sealer - matte finish mod podge. 

I think they came out just as good as I imagined!

Oh, and that finished blanket?

That came out pretty good too :)   

Hope everyone had a great week!  Until next time...

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